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Queb Lounge 360 Sultanahmet Restaurant

Reserve your place at Queb Lounge 360 Sultanahmet to taste indescribable flavors and experience a unique Sultanahmet Restaurant, accompanied by a panoramic view of Istanbul.

Queb Lounge has set out as a terrace cafe & restaurant with views of Sultanahmet, Hagia Sophia and the Bosphorus, with the mission of destroying the concept of unattainable luxury in the society by making its guests feel at home with its aesthetic and modern structure.

In order to realize this mission, it has determined the subjects such as hospitality, quality, and freshness, hygiene, occupational safety, fast service, taste, accessible price as basic values.

Queb Lounge; It offers you magnificent pleasure with its delicious drinks accompanied by panoramic views of Hagia Sophia, Sultanahmet, and the Bosphorus.

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Our Working Hours: 09:00 - 03:00